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Mendocino Purps - (Apparel Available Online In Our Store!)

by ~p

Type:  Indica

Grade:  A

Smell: Very subtle 'purple' or grape-like undertones (remarkable because the flowered medicinal-buds have no dark or purple color as one might expect) Citrus- lime overtones, it's similar to the aroma when you pour Gatorade powder mix into a container and smell the dusty Gatorade powder a little.  Makes your nose tingle a little, and has a light 'airy' presence to it's overall aroma.  Lemon/limeade and a trace of wispy green scent-not quite pine or evergreen- make this light a room up.

Taste:  Green and spicy

Effect Type:  An Indica-dominant hybrid with very well balanced theraputic effects common to both subspecies. Light heady/cerebral effect balanced with prevolent appetite-stimulant/analgesic/sedative effects, but I don’t feel lazy or 'couch locked'. A nice break from hyper-cerebral Sativas. Not the best for mornings, as it can delay the start of your day considerably. Amazing for relaxing and putting to rest sore muscles. In my experience, the medicinal effects eventually dissolve, bringing some solid 'munchies' to my otherwise fleeting appetite for food.

Effect Length:  I administer about every 1.5 hours after work is done…the effect probably lasts a little longer, but that’s the time of day where all tasks are completed, the pajamas are on & the bed awaits. 

Overall:  Dense light green nuggage, medium-sized trichomes are visible but not coating the medicine like 'snow'.  The aroma is incredibly amazing, MP could be one of my all-time favorite aroma's simply because of the 'illusion' created from smelling distinct grape/purple scents, while the buds show no sign of purple or dark discoloration common with any other 'Purple' strain. 

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Reader Comments (2)

i'm loving the mend purps this year! you can really tell that it's something special

September 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterj green

The Mendocino Purple, even when grown outdoors, a conscientious farmer and a careful curing, clipping, and gentle minimal transportation is one of my personal favorites. Such a unique strain in an otherwise 'glutted' 'Purp' market. :)

October 28, 2011 | Registered CommenterMy Tasty Bud

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